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Caregiver Training And Support

Caregiver Training And Support

The Caregiver Training and Support team at Elder Options assists the caregivers of North Central Florida by providing education and resources to caregivers of individuals with dementia. We offer free classes in-person and online through the savvy caregiver training program and the coping with caregiving course. We offer individual support to caregivers through T-Care. We are also able to provide custom workshops and trainings to community groups.

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Savvy Caregiver Training

Savvy Caregiver is a free seven-week course designed for caregivers who assist family members or friends with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Savvy Caregiver Program is a unique approach to family caregiver education. The program offers ideas gathered from many disciplines and sources. Throughout the series, caregivers are urged to learn, develop and modify approaches they can use to lessen their own stress and improve their particular caregiver situation.

Those completing this course will:

Coping with Caregiving

The Coping with Caregiving Program is a free education program designed to improve the lives of caregivers and care recipients. Each class meets weekly for 2 hours. The program is divided into two sections, Coping with Caregiving I & Coping with Caregiving II. Coping with Caregiving is designed for caregivers of any individual regardless of age or cognitive ability. Coping with Caregiving II is targeted towards caregivers of a person with dementia. Topics for each class are listed below.

Coping With Caregiving I Classes

  • Bouncing Back
    • Finding balance in your day
    •  Identifying your support team
  • Dealing with the Blues
    • Caregiving and your mood
    • Positive activities
    • Memory loss and mood
  • Strategies for Stress
    • Recognizing stress
    • Relaxation skills
  • Filling the Well
    • Caregiver burnout
    • Self care tips and strategies

Coping With Caregiving II Classes

  • Being Heard
    • Empathy as the foundation for communication
    • Communication and memory loss
    • Getting help from friends and family
  • Challenging Behaviors 1
    • Anatomy of behavior
    • Step by step examples
  • Coping with Frustration
    • Negative emotions
    • Recognizing intensity
    • Strategies for managing frustration
  • Challenging Behaviors 2
    • Changing challenging behavior
    • Proposed changes and things to try


Caregivers experience a great deal of stress. This impacts your health and general sense of well-being. The right tools can go a long way in reducing that stress and improving your quality of life. We are excited to partner with TCARE® to provide comprehensive assessments that will identify the needed resources to help you take care of your loved one and yourself.

A TCARE® Manager can meet with you to conduct the assessment and then build a care plan tailored to your specific needs.

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