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“Prior to Savvy Caregiver training, I was experiencing frustration with behaviors that did not seem to make sense.  This stress was increasing my burden, which was an unsustainable and unhealthy situation…The course delivered more than I anticipated.  The community built in the six weeks sharing the journey with other caregivers was a benefit I greatly enjoyed.  The curriculum was robust and well-paced.  But, most importantly, the facilitator Ana Robles-Rhoads, was an outstanding presenter and compassionate group leader.”

–Testimony from a Savvy Caregiver graduate

Savvy Caregiver is a seven-week training designed for caregivers who assist family members or friends with Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s Disease.  The course is free to all family caregivers, but you need to register!

The Savvy Caregiver Program is a unique approach to family caregiver education.  The program offers ideas gathered from many disciplines and sources.  Throughout the series, caregivers are urged to learn, develop and modify approaches they can use to lessen their own stress and improve their particular caregiver situation.

Those completing this course will:

  • increase skills and knowledge for caregiving
  • understand the diseases that cause dementia and its progressive cognitive losses
  • gain confidence to effectively address dementia behaviors
  • learn effective ways to increase family involvement
  • reduce adverse impacts of caregiving.

2021 Savvy Caregiver Training Schedule

Savvy Caregiver Training – In-Person Classes (7 weeks)

1/18/2022 Tuesdays 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, Elder Options, Gainesville. Register with Renee 352-692-5226

Savvy Caregiver Training Virtual Classes – LIVE Online Training Program



Contact to learn more about Savvy Caregiver Virtual Training.

Coping with Caregiving I Virtual Training Program

This class is for individuals in all types of caregiving situations.

Contact to learn more about the Coping with Caregiving I Virtual Training Program.

Coping with Caregiving II Virtual Training Program

This class is for the caregiver of a person with memory loss or dementia.


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