Caregiving is a tough, yet rewarding job. Here are some quotes to inspire you as a caregiver.

Goodness knows that patience is a tool that by necessity becomes sharper in time when we are caring for others.


A whimsical reminder that we get what we give and our attitude determines our reality.


The importance of a caregiver’s job is expansive.  The dignity that you conduct yourself with and the dignity preserved for the one you care for is of vital importance.


Now, we may all experience moments of feeling discouraged, but the art of being alive involves learning to move through these moments and maintaining our sense of hope.


There is no doubt that there is a sort of grief that we experience while those we are caring for remain with us.  It is a grieving of the relationship that was before the illness or infirmity.


Acceptance, another skill to practice as a caregiver.  There will be many things beyond our control.  How we react makes the difference.


Being present in the moment can bring joy and peace of mind and a renewed sense of relishing the relationship with the one we care for.


As the saying goes, any day that you wake up on the right side of the grass is a good one.