Grant from UF Medical Guild to Provide Equipment to Help People Living with Chronic Conditions Monitor their Health

Elder Options, the Mid Florida Area Agency on Aging, is pleased to announce that we are the recipient of a Special Projects Grant from the University of Florida Medical Guild. This generous grant will provide at least 100 in-need seniors in Alachua county, who suffer from chronic health conditions, with equipment to monitor their health. Elder Options provides seniors (ages 60+) with free chronic disease health education classes on topics ranging from diabetes management, arthritis, balance, and others. Most of our clients are uninsured or under-insured, low-income, and may live in rural areas in North Central Florida. While our primary source of funding is the Florida State Department of Elder Affairs, we recently received a grant from the Retirement Research Foundation, that has allowed us to increase the number of classes we offer through the development of a volunteer program.

With the increased number of classes, we were able to provide greater opportunities for chronic disease education in Alachua county. However, we were unable to give our students the necessary equipment needed to monitor their health. With this UF Medical Guild grant, we were able to purchase scales to monitor weight, blood pressure monitors, diabetes testing kits, and other items that allow students to manage their chronic health conditions at home. Students who have completed our programs report that they are better equipped to make more healthful decisions, including better food choices and increasing physical activity. Now students can monitor their health and progress at home.

We are appreciative for the generosity of the University of Florida Medical Guild and their commitment to improving the lives of seniors in Alachua County.