June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and one of the best means of preventing abuse and exploitation is to empower our elders.

This blog provides some links to information that can help us to empower elders:

To have a NEW VIEW on aging:

Charlotte Yeh, M.D. and chief medical officer at AARP Services, Inc. speaks on ways that new views on aging are breaking myths and changing approaches to healthcare and life in general.



This organization, Second Wind Dreams, empowers elders by recognizing that even as we age we do not stop dreaming.  This is where they come in and work to make elders dreams a reality.  Such as 91-year-old Bob Bockelman who wanted to earn his high school diploma.  They sponsor International Second Wind Dreams Day coming up in September 2018.  Visit their website for activity ideas.



An article by Marie Jobling about the power of technology in connecting seniors socially and the obstacles that need to be overcome.


And here are some success stories from San Francisco’s efforts to connect and empower elders:


To Prevent Abuse

This article highlights a model program, Neighborhood SHOPP, with a mission that is empowerment based and focused on the philosophy of self-help.