Savvy Caregiver for Professionals

Caregiver and elderly woman with walker

Caring for persons with Dementia is work requiring specialized knowledge and skills.  This Savvy Training gathers and presents ideas from many disciplines: geriatrics, therapy, nursing and social work, etc.  Caregivers learn, develop and modify strategies and skills they can use to produce positive outcomes with clients and their families.

These training options are targeted for paid caregivers such as Nurses, Social Workers, CNA’s, Home Health Care Aids, Therapists, Companions and other professionals seeking to improve their skill level of working with dementia clients.  Whether an in-home provider or working in a facility this training has something to offer.  Tom is licensed by DOEA (ALF #7110)

Subjects could include:  Understanding Different Types of Dementias, Behavior Modification Techniques,  Stages of progression in Dementia, and more. We can do the training at your site in a variety of lengths:

  • Two or three hours
  • Half day
  • Full Day
  • Two full days

If you would be interested in hosting a training please contact Tom Rinkoski as noted below.

The course fee will be configured according to the option you choose.

To develop a training at your site or if you have questions:  Contact Tom Rinkoski at (352) 692-5226, or via e-mail at