Community Health Matters

Why Community Health Matters


Equipped with evidence-based prevention and intervention education, Community Health Workers can make a real difference by expanding the capacity for mental health care for rural, disenfranchised, and under-served populations.  They develop culturally competent and relevant methods for reaching, communicating with, and gaining the trust of clients.  Additionally, the use of Community Health Workers is a cost effective measure for having impact on the bottom line of community health.

Community Health Workers have had a proven impact through chronic disease management and have reduced hospital re-admission rates significantly via Care Transitions services. One study on the return on investment for CHWs shows a reduction of monthly uncompensated costs of $14,244 for an annual savings equaling $95,941[1].



Here at Elder Options, Community Health Workers have made a difference through the Take Charge (Care Transitions) program, expanded care for moderately depressed persons in rural areas with the PEARLS (Program for Enhancing & Enriching Lives) and with managing chronic health conditions such as diabetes through the Enhance Wellness and Healthy Aging programs.  Community Care Services at Elder Options served 1,041 clients in 2016 through PEARLS, Enhance Wellness, and Healthy Aging Programs.  At the end of the day, Community Health Workers are a link between the community and medical professionals.  They help people continue their care regimen and lead longer, more rewarding lives.


To learn more about what Community Health Workers are doing at Elder Options, please visit the Services tab above to read about the programs mentioned above.

If you are interested in partnering or sponsoring a program, call Katina Mustipher at (352) 692-5267 to discuss.

[1] Measuring return on investment of outreach by Community Health Workers

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